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Americans For National Parks

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When Richard Dreyfuss agreed to narrate a :30 public service announcement we'd written for Americans for National Parks, we were thrilled. When we delivered the spot at more than 50% under budget, our clients were feeling pretty good about things, too.

Americans for National Parks AdCouncil PSA
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Radio Spot
Title: "Always been there for us..."
Client: National Parks Conservation Association
Radio: :30
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CLIENT: Americans For National Parks

OBJECTIVE: When Americans for National Parks was looking for a company to provide them with the creative for their national advocacy campaign, they selected Campaign Coalition. The target market was diverse and needed to reach key constituents, committed park visitors, Congress and the President of the United States with a message about the importance of increasing funding for our national parks.

SOLUTION: We documented real threats and offered real solutions through an innovative public service print ad campaign that spoke to environmentally active baby boomers and committed park visitors along with an aggressive television and radio PSA campaign narrated by Richard Dreyfuss that helped to visually dramatize problems that most national park visitors never even notice, driving home the fact that beyond the many wonderful experiences our national parks provide, real problems related to funding shortfalls exist. Then, we made it difficult for Congress and the President not to see the problem - with constituent mail from GoCards and tipped in postcards in publications to visible print materials in Roll Call and National Journal, public opinion polling, and press tactics.
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