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Case Study: EDUCATION for Elementary Schools
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Title: "Really Great Sound Effects"
Client: The Ad Council / EPA
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CLIENT: Environmental Protection Agency, EPA

OBJECTIVE: Create a national children's communications campaign to educate elementary school-aged children and their parents about the importance of not wasting energy and the connection between energy waste and air pollution. Ideally, the campaign would produce one half hour television special to be broadcast on network or cable television.

SOLUTION: First, we established a highly creative premise: What if... Dr. Frankenstein tried to bring the Monster to life but failed continuously due to all the wasteful uses of energy in the castle? And it's not until he and trusted sidekick, Siggy, stop all these wasteful uses of energy (which happen to mirror our client's behavioral change objectives of the campaign), are they able to muster up enough energy to bring the Monster to life.

Our Emmy award-winning writer then wrote a half hour animated television special based on this premise. We produced a half hour animated special and offered it to Fox Family Channel for broadcast on Halloween morning. They accepted. We then developed and produced educational materials that further reinforced the objectives of our client, EPA, and distributed them to 20,000 elementary schools throughout America.

Before the campaign concluded, we produced a second animated special that was broadcast the following Halloween morning on Fox Family Channel and went on to produce a total of 8 Television PSA's, 4 Radio PSA's, an interactive web site and mall posters communicating the importance of not wasting energy for shopping malls across the country.
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